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Updated RFXmngr and Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1040

Monday, August 12th, 2019

New firmware released for the RFXtrx433E and RFXtrx433XL. Please read chapter 2.2.2 of the RFXtrx User Guide.pdf to see which firmware type supports the protocols you need. The RFXtrx433 can only use Type1 or Type2. Type1 is the preferred firmware. The RFXtrx433E can only use Type1, Type2, Ext, Ext2, Pro1 or Pro2. Pro1 is the preferred firmware.

The RFXtrx433XL can only use ProXL firmware!!!!!!! Important: Use RFXflash to flash the RFXtrx433XL


FW release 433_1040  12-08-2019

  • THN132N improved
  • Prego, Froggit sauna sensors updated
  • Siemens SF01 corrected
  • WSD10 detection updated
  • P1 & Teleinfo updated
  • FineOffset/WS1200 improved
  • Digimax temperature corrected
  • REAX corrected in Pro2
  • Light added to BlindsT6
  • Hunter Fan added
  • Novy extractor hood added

RFXmngr version

  • RFXtrx868 selections updated
  • Eurodomest ID extended
  • Novy fan added
  • BlindsT6 Light added
  • Hunter Fan added

Updated Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1032

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Firmware version 433_1032

  • Revolt added in XL
  • Funkbus updated in XL
  • Mertik G6R-H4TB/H4T/H4T21-Z22/H4TD/H4T16 added
  • P1 Smart Meter report interval limited to 10 seconds
  • Async response message updated
  • Imagintronix updated
  • X10 receive improved
  • Conrad RSL improved
  • Livolo improved
  • FineOffset improved
  • Suppress multiple Chime and Visonic commands for 2 seconds

Updated RFXmngr and new firmware version 1008

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Firmware changes in versions 433_1008
– Mertik G6R-H4TD (DRU) receive corrected
– SA33 smoke detector added (Type1, Ext)
– MCZ pellet stove added (Type2, Ext)

RFXmngr program version
– Thermostat tabs renamed to Tstat
– Mertik ID’s corrected
– Tstat4 – MCZ pellet stove added

Updated RFXmngr and new firmware version 1007

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Firmware changes in versions 433_1007
– Firmware code optimized
– Lighting4 low pulse timing accepted
– WS1700 battery empty indication removed
– THN129 added
– Philips SBC unit 9-16 updated
– RM174RF smoke detector added (Ext2 firmware)
– Westinghouse fan control 7226640 added (Ext2 firmware)
– TFA 30.3056 and 30.3216 pool sensor added

RFXmngr program version
– Lighting1 – Philips SBC unit 1 – 16
– RM174RF smoke detector added
– Westinghouse fan added
– TFA 30.3056 pool sensor added
– ID displayed in hex and decimal

Updated RFXmngr and new firmware version 1002

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Firmware changes in versions 433_1002
– Cartelectronic TIC & Encoder added
– BlindsT6 updated
– ByronSX + Oregon enabled improved
– Somfy improved
– Mertik G6R-H4T1 improved
– WS1200 improved

RFXmngr program
– Transmit Confexx correct decoded
– Cartelectronic TIC/Encoder added
– Envivo transmit correct decoded
– RFY channel corrected
– Livolo dim and scene commands added