December 19, 2022

New RFX433 firmware and updated RFXmngr and 868 firmware

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RFXtrxWifi and RFXtrxUSB User Guide released

RFXmngr version

  • RFXtrx868 Itho HRU400 added
  • No check on FTDI USB is done

RFX433 FW released  15-12-2022

  • All transmit protocols as supported by the RFXtrx433XL Pro1 firmware
  • X10, ARC, AC and Oregon 3.0 receive supported. Other will follow.

RFXtrx868X, RFXtrx868XL and RFX868 FW version 16

  • Itho HRU400 added

RFXtrx868X, RFXtrx868XL and RFX868 FW version 11-15

  • FW release 15 12-12-2022
    Weather sensor negative temperature corrected
  • FW release 14 28-11-2022
    Orcon temp,co2,presence,filter added
  • FW release 13 02-11-2022
    Orcon added
  • FW release 12 31-10-2022
    ITHO CVE ECO RFT added
  • FW release 11 15-09-2022
    RSSI threshold Visonic adjusted.
    Davis wind direction corrected
    Davis negative temperature corrected
    Davis ID used

December 8, 2022

RFXtrxUSB / RFXtrxWifi with RFX433 or RFX868

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The new RFXtrxUSB and RFXtrxWifi are available with a 433MHz transceiver or 868MHz transceiver.

The 868MHz transceiver supports the protocols:

  • Visonic PowerCode sensors,
  • FS20,
  • Itho CVE RFT
  • Itho CVE ECO RFT,
  • Orcon,
  • Edisio,
  • Alecto ACH2010, WS5500,
  • FineOffset WH2900,
  • Davis Vantage Vue EU.

The 433MHz transceiver is able to transmit all protocols that can be used by the RFXtrx433XL for example Somfy RTS, Dooya, Chacon, X10 ….
And in addition it can transmit the new Brel and Dooya protocol.
Receive is not yet fully implemented. At the moment X10, ARC, AC are supported for receive. We hope to add additional protocols soon.

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