September 26, 2018

Updated Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1028

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Firmware version 433_1028

  • LightwaveRF receive corrected
  • Imagintronix/Opus corrected
  • AB400 added in Pro1
  • TFA 30.3133/3156/3160 added

September 6, 2018

Updated Pro1 and Pro2 firmware version 1027

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Firmware version 433_1027

  • Ambient Weather WS-14 pool sensor added
  • BWR102 added
  • Impuls added
  • Cuveo added

During startup the receiver measures the RF noise level. The RFnoise level is displayed in RFXmngr and  should be aroung 90 (lower is better).
If the RF noise level is much higher position the RFXtrx antenna on a better location to find the lowest RF noise level.

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