August 18, 2018

New Pro1 firmware BETA version 1026 and RFXmngr

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Firmware version 433_1026

  • Receive decoding changed and multiple protocols can be enabled with less reduction in sensitivity
  • Livolo appliance changed to Livolo 1 to 10 with more commands supported (needs an application change)
  • Oregon SL109 added
  • RAW receive and transmit added

During startup the receiver measures the RF noise level. The RFnoise level is displayed in RFXmngr and  should be aroung 90 (lower is better).
If the RF noise level is much higher position the RFXtrx antenna on a better location to find the lowest RF noise level.

August 9, 2018

Updated firmware version 1025

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Firmware changes in version 433_1025

  • Byron SX improved
  • Visonic WTN201 detection added
  • BTHGN129 temperature corrected for 0 and -0.1 degrees Celsius
  • Kerui motion sensor correct reported as X10 motion sensor
  • Livolo update for Scene cmd
  • Mertik G6R-H4TB updated

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