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Updated RFXmngr & Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1039

Sunday, May 5th, 2019

FW release 433_1039  05-05-2019

  • Meiantech/Atlantic updated
  • Digoo DG-R8S improved
  • MDremotes added in XL
  • Temperature correction implemented for BTHGN129
  • Imagintronics/Opus corrected
  • New type WS1200 added
  • WS1200 moved to FineOffset
  • RM174RF/RM175RF transmit added
  • Kerui K16 panel added

RFXmngr version

  • RFXtrx868 undecoded updated
  • XT300 added to FineOffset
  • Lighting2 unit code correct initialized

RFXmngr version

  • Weather station uv & solar corrected
  • Motostart blinds added

RFXmngr version

  • RFXtrx868 protocol selection updated
  • Weather station decoding added
  • Solar sensor decoding added

RFXmngr version

  • Alfawise chime added
  • Mertik added for RFXtrx315

RFXmngr version

  • Byron BY added

Updated Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1038

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

FW release 433_1038  26-03-2019

  • Meiantech/Atlantic updated
  • Digoo DG-R8S updated
  • BlindsT15 Motostar added


Updated Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1037

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

FW release 433_1037  05-03-2019

  • Rubicson updated
  • Imagintronics/Opus moved to Fineoffset
  • Mertik G6R-H4TD for RFXtrx315E corrected
  • mi.sol WH25 added
  • Prego, Froggit sauna sensors added


Updated Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1036

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

FW release 433_1036 19-02-2019
– Alfawise, dBell added in XL
– Homeconfort receive added in XL
– Siemens SF01 receive added in XL
– A-OK Ematronic receive corrected
– Auriol H13726,EWS1500,W155,W160 corrected

Updated Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1035

Friday, February 8th, 2019

New firmware released for the RFXtrx433E and RFXtrx433XL.
Please read chapter 2 of the RFXtrx User Guide.pdf to see which firmware type supports the protocols you need.
The RFXtrx433 can only use Type1 or Type2.
The RFXtrx433E can use Ext, Ext2, Pro1 or Pro2. Pro1 is the preferred firmware.

Type1 or Type2 firmware can be flashed in the RFXtrx433 and RFXtrx433E.

The RFXtrx433XL can only use ProXL firmware!!!!!!!
Important: Use RFXflash to flash the RFXtrx433XL

FW release 433_1035

  • Meiantech enable supported
  • Byron BY added
  • Envivo receive added in XL
  • Lighting4 improved
  • Oregon/CM113 improved
  • Oregon 1.0 updated
  • Kerui improved
  • Kerui CO/gas/shock sensor decoded as motion sensor
  • THGR221 added
  • AC receive improved for AWST6000
  • WSD10 corrected
  • Auriol H13726 corrected
  • Xiron updated
  • RFXtrx433XL – Legrand CAD added

Updated RFXmngr and Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1033

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Firmware version 433_1033

  • Copy RFY device enabled

RFXmngr version

rfu1,2,3 added to enable RFY copy from one to another RFXtrx

See chapter 9.1 in the RFXtrx User Guide how to copy a RFY device

Updated Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1031

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Firmware version 433_1031

  • ProXL1 – transmit corrected
  • Mertik corrected

RFXtrx433XL information

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Large memory size:
The RFXtrx433XL has got a double size memory so that it can have now all currently supported protocols in one firmware version.

Pro firmware:
The protocol detection in the receiver is totally redesigned which makes it now possible to enable multiple protocols.
In the older Ext and Ext2 firmware for the RFXtrx433E some protocols were not received or not reliable received if another protocol was enabled. The ProXL firmware does not have this limitation. This firmware design is also available for the RFXtrx433E as Pro1 and Pro2. Because of the memory limitation there are still 2 versions for the RFXtrx433E.

RF noise level:
The new Pro firmware (Pro1, Pro2, ProXL) detects the RF noise level during startup of the receiver and RF signals above this level are processed. It is required to install the RFXtrx433XL on a good location with a low level of RF noise so that a good receive quality is guaranteed. The Noise level is displayed in RFXmngr on the Main tab. A value of 92 with the standard antenna is acceptable but lower is better. A general rule is to place the RFXtrx433XL not close to a Raspberry PI, routers or other electronic equipment, power cables or metal pipes.

Important note: The RFXtrx433XL must only be programmed with ProXL firmware. If an Ext or Pro2 is flashed in the RFXtrx433XL it will stay in the bootloader and it needs a special procedure to get it operational again, the enclosure must be opened and a temporary connection (without soldering) must be made on the Printed Circuit Board. The recovery procedure is available in the RFXtrx User Guide chapter 19.

Changed USB interface:
The RFXtrx433XL has another USB FTDI interface chip. It uses the same USB drivers as used by the RFXtrx433 and RFXtrx433E and needs no action in the operating systems.

Serial interface connection:
There is a connection available for a serial interface to replace the USB connection. This connection can be used to connect a RS232 or LAN interface. See chapter 18 in the RFXtrx User Guide. Select an interface that does not produce RF noise. As an example RFXCOM has tested the USR-TCP232 LAN interface but this interface module produces too much RF noise at 433MHz and the RFXtrx receives only sensor at a very short distance.

Smart meter interface:
There is a special serial interface connection on the RFXtrx433XL PCB to connect the Dutch P1 smart meter or an interface for the French Teleinfo meters. See chapter 16 & 17 in the RFXtrx User Guide. Support for this P1 connection is expected soon in Domoticz and Homeseer.

Updated ProXL1 firmware version 1030

Sunday, October 14th, 2018

Firmware version 433_1030

  • solved – receive stopped after Somfy transmit

Updated RFXmngr and Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1029

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Firmware version 433_1029

  • SelectPlus updated
  • Mertik corrected
  • HomeConfort corrected
  • Rubicson updated
  • ProXL1 Async P1 – DSMR receive updated
  • ProXL1 Async Teleinfo receive added


  • Async P1 DSMR and Teleinfo added.