October 8, 2021


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A limited number of RFXtrxLAN units is available now.  http://www.rfxcom.com/RFXtrxLAN

The RFXtrxLAN can have the RFXtrx433XL or RFXtrx868XL installed. After testing multiple LAN and WiFi controllers finally we found controllers that do not disturb the receive sensitivity at 433 and 868MHz so that the RFXtrx transceivers performs the best.
The RFXtrx XL transceivers can be placed anywhere in your home or your holiday home or whatever place as long as an Internet connection is available.
It is also possible to access the RFXtrx XL transceivers by multiple applications at the same time.

  • Easy to configure, no software installation
  • Easy to install the RFXtrx XL
  • Maximum RF performance
  • Also possible to use for other serial devices (at 3V3 logic level)

For  more information open this link: RFXtrxLAN

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