March 9, 2016

Updated RFXmngr and new firmware version 1001

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Firmware changes in versions 433_1001
– Firmware type Ext2 released
– Firmware version numbering is changed
– Firmware Type displayed in response message
– IT protocol PROmax, FA500S, FA500WD, FA500DSS added (Ext2)
– Auriol Z31055B-TX sensor added (Ext2)
– WS1200 battery low indicator added
– Chuango, Eminent security sensors added:
–    decoded as Lighting4 in Type1, Type2 and Ext
–    decoded as X10 in Ext2
– Confexx blind motor added (Ext2)

RFXmngr program
– Confexx blind motor added
– Lighting5 – IT protocol added
– Firmware type displayed

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