December 18, 2023

Updated RFX433 firmware

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RFX433 FW version 2029    18-12-2023

  • Restart RFX433 corrected for ASA, Somfy RTS, Cherubini and OZroll
  • RM174RF SA41 needs only Lighting4 enabled
  • Gazco receive corrected
  • TFA 30.3133 corrected

IMPORTANT firmware update!!!!!
The device tables for ASA, Somfy RTS, Cherubini and OZroll are not correct loaded after a disconnect of the USB.
As a result you will find duplicate entries with the List Remotes command.
If you find duplicate entries you can delete the duplicates with the lowest value in rfu3 . Or erase all remotes and pair the motors again using the Program command.

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