January 10, 2023

Updated RFX433 and RFX868X/RFXtrx868XL firmware

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RFX433 FW version 17   10-01-2023

  • Gaposa, RTS and MCZ transmit protocols corrected

RFX433 FW version 16   09-01-2023

  • Signal level added
  • RAW data receive corrected
  • Alecto sensors added

RFXtrx868X, RFXtrx868XL and RFX868 FW version 17  09-01-2023

  • Ecowitt WN32 added
  • EcoWitt WH40 added
  • Itho HRU400 added

Updated RFXflash and RFXmngr

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RFXflash version 03-01-2023

  • Firmware file selection added for RFX433

RFXflash version 15-11-2022

  • Firmware file selection added for RFXtrxWifi/RFXtrxUSB hw version 3.2


RFXmngr version 01-01-2023

  • 868 – selection Alecto5500 changed to Fineoffset
  • RAIN10 – WH5360,WH5360B,WH40 added
  • RFX433,FWtypeRFX433,FWtypeRFX868 added

December 19, 2022

New RFX433 firmware and updated RFXmngr and 868 firmware

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RFXtrxWifi and RFXtrxUSB User Guide released

RFXmngr version

  • RFXtrx868 Itho HRU400 added
  • No check on FTDI USB is done

RFX433 FW released  15-12-2022

  • All transmit protocols as supported by the RFXtrx433XL Pro1 firmware
  • X10, ARC, AC and Oregon 3.0 receive supported. Other will follow.

RFXtrx868X, RFXtrx868XL and RFX868 FW version 16

  • Itho HRU400 added

RFXtrx868X, RFXtrx868XL and RFX868 FW version 11-15

  • FW release 15 12-12-2022
    Weather sensor negative temperature corrected
  • FW release 14 28-11-2022
    Orcon temp,co2,presence,filter added
  • FW release 13 02-11-2022
    Orcon added
  • FW release 12 31-10-2022
    ITHO CVE ECO RFT added
  • FW release 11 15-09-2022
    RSSI threshold Visonic adjusted.
    Davis wind direction corrected
    Davis negative temperature corrected
    Davis ID used

December 8, 2022

RFXtrxUSB / RFXtrxWifi with RFX433 or RFX868

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The new RFXtrxUSB and RFXtrxWifi are available with a 433MHz transceiver or 868MHz transceiver.

The 868MHz transceiver supports the protocols:

  • Visonic PowerCode sensors,
  • FS20,
  • Itho CVE RFT
  • Itho CVE ECO RFT,
  • Orcon,
  • Edisio,
  • Alecto ACH2010, WS5500,
  • FineOffset WH2900,
  • Davis Vantage Vue EU.

The 433MHz transceiver is able to transmit all protocols that can be used by the RFXtrx433XL for example Somfy RTS, Dooya, Chacon, X10 ….
And in addition it can transmit the new Brel and Dooya protocol.
Receive is not yet fully implemented. At the moment X10, ARC, AC are supported for receive. We hope to add additional protocols soon.

July 25, 2022

Updated Pro1, Pro2, ProXL1 and ProXL2 firmware version 1047

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Please read chapter 2.2.2 of the RFXtrx User Guide.pdf to see which firmware type supports the protocols you need.
The RFXtrx433 can only use Type1 or Type2.
Type1 is the preferred firmware. The RFXtrx433E can only use Type1, Type2, Ext, Ext2, Pro1 or Pro2. Pro1 is the preferred firmware.

The RFXtrx433XL can only use ProXL firmware!!!!!!!
Important: Use RFXflash to flash the RFXtrx433XL  (don’t use Domoticz to flash the RFXtrx433XL!!)

FW release 433_1047  25-07-2022

  • TH9 and TEMP10 corrected

July 12, 2022

Updated Pro1, Pro2, ProXL1 and ProXL2 firmware version 1046

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FW release 433_1046  12-07-2022

  • LaCrosse WS1652 added in Pro2, ProXL1
  • TFA 30.3251.10 wind sensor added in Pro2, ProXL1
  • BlindsT11 Louvolite updated
  • Novy Mood mode added in Pro2, ProXL1, ProXL2
  • 1byOne updated in ProXL1, ProXL2
  • Visonic/Keeloq was not available in Pro1-1045

March 24, 2022

Updated RFXmngr and Pro1, Pro2, ProXL1 and ProXL2 firmware version 1045

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FW release 433_1045  22-03-2022

  • BlindsT3 updated, Motolux
  • TS-FT002 water level sensor added in ProXL1
  • Bresser 7009998 added in ProXL1
  • TFA 30.3233.01 ID updated
  • Kangtai improved
  • Ikea Koppla added to Pro2
  • Reax updated
  • AC133 added
  • Louvolite R1922 added
  • Gazco added in ProXL1
  • KD101 smoke detector needs enabling of HomeEasy EU
  • P1 DSMR corrected in ProXL1
  • Byron DBY added in ProXL1
  • G6R-H4T28 Down decode added
  • Correction on noise level, 5 points lower
  • Chime structure changed, this needs a change in the applications!

RFXmngr version

  • Thermostat5 – Gazco added
  • Chime Byron DBY added
  • Mertik decode updated

RFXmngr version

  • TH13 channel display corrected
  • Keeloq bit changed to msg6 bit 0 for RFXtrx868

October 8, 2021


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A limited number of RFXtrxLAN units is available now.  http://www.rfxcom.com/RFXtrxLAN

The RFXtrxLAN can have the RFXtrx433XL or RFXtrx868XL installed. After testing multiple LAN and WiFi controllers finally we found controllers that do not disturb the receive sensitivity at 433 and 868MHz so that the RFXtrx transceivers performs the best.
The RFXtrx XL transceivers can be placed anywhere in your home or your holiday home or whatever place as long as an Internet connection is available.
It is also possible to access the RFXtrx XL transceivers by multiple applications at the same time.

  • Easy to configure, no software installation
  • Easy to install the RFXtrx XL
  • Maximum RF performance
  • Also possible to use for other serial devices (at 3V3 logic level)

For  more information open this link: RFXtrxLAN

May 20, 2021

Updated RFXmngr and Pro1, Pro2, ProXL1 and ProXL2 firmware version 1044

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FW release 433_1044  18-05-2021

  • LucciAir DC speed 1 to 6 added
  • Bresser 3ch 7009981, 7009994 added in ProXL1 and ProXL2
  • Ozroll E-Trans added in ProXL2
  • TFA 30.3233.1 rain sensor added in Pro2, ProXL1 and ProXL2
  • 1byOne QH A19 rev10 chime added in ProXL1 and ProXL2

RFXmngr version

  • BlindsT20 Ozroll E-Trans added
  • ProXL2 firmware support added
  • TS FT002 water level sensor added
  • TFA 30.3233.1 rain sensor updated
  • 1byOne QH A19 rev10 chime added

RFXmngr version

  • BlindsT11 ASP updated with unit code





March 4, 2020

Updated RFXmngr and Pro1, Pro2 and ProXL1 firmware version 1043

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FW release 433_1043  04-03-2020

  • receive undec MDremote
  • Mertik G6R-H4TD (DRU) run-up and run-down added
  • Bresser sensor added
  • Globaltronics GT-WT-01 added in XL
  • Cherubini blinds added in XL

RFXmngr version

  • Mertik G6R-H4TD (DRU) run-up and run-down added
  • LucciAirDC Speed 1 to 6 added
  • Cherubini added
  • Cherubini middle position added
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